Gender Stereotypes in Advertising: A Lebanese Perspective – Introduction

Mass media play a central role in today’s world. Media messages are ubiquitous, reaching millions through TV, magazines, radio and the Internet. Through the construction and propagation of a certain type of message, mass media can heavily influence individuals’ mindsets and attitudes. One example of such messages is gender stereotypes in advertising. Stereotypes, or cognitive schemes, are depictions of reality in its most basic and simple form. People often use them in order to reduce the level of complexity of the world surrounding them (Wolska, 2011). Stereotypes are either acquired by people’s own interpretations or through the influence of someone else. Either way, they are extremely resilient to change. One example of such stereotypes is gender stereotypes. This blog will review the literature regarding gender stereotypes in advertising before providing an in-depth analysis of six print Lebanese advertisings heavily laden in gender stereotypes. A media literacy tool on how to critically look at sexist ads will end the blog.

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