Ad Analysis

washing machine ad

This ad by Az Electronic appeared on billboards in 2011(Kherrberr, 2011). At the left of the ad a close-up of a woman’s legs wearing long white boots and white panties is presented. The panties are halfway down suggesting a sexually provocative stance. A caption in bright pink and bright purple specifies that the washing machine has a program to wash delicate items, such as female panties. At the right a small washing machine is presented with some of its qualifications stated underneath, such as antibacterial program. The washing machine is white and the captions are light grey. The emphasis is thus drawn to the women’s legs and lingerie. This ad promotes the stereotype of women as sexy kitten.

abed tahan ad

This ad appeared on billboards on March 2011 at the occasion of Mother’s Day (IvySays, 2011).  It represents a washing machine and a vacuum cleaner from Abed Tahhan, a leading seller of household products. These two items are wrapped in a red ribbon. Compared to the first ad, this ad appears at first glance to make no reference to gender stereotypes. No women or female body parts represented in the ad whatsoever. However, the caption states: “Cross your mother’s mind twice a day!” This ad suggests that a washing machine a vacuum cleaner would constitute the perfect gifts for Lebanese moms. It seems nothing would please mothers more than cleaning after their family members. The stereotype of the women as the supermom is thus reinforced.

loto ad

This ad appeared on Lebanese billboards in 2011 (Kherberr, 2011). It advertises the Lebanese Loto. It is a close up of a woman’s bust, with two huge blue and red Loto balls tucked in her revealing top. The location and size of the Loto balls suggest two huge breasts. In addition, the woman is wearing what appears to be expensive jewelry (a pearl necklace, three diamond bracelets and a pair of diamond earrings.) Moreover, only the bottom half of the woman’s face is shown. Her hint of a smile and one can sense that the woman is confident and bold. This ad thus suggests that by participating in the Loto, women will be one step closer to affording a breast augmentation and jewelry. This breast augmentation will lead women to acquire higher levels of confidence and self-esteem. This ad portrays all women as obsessed by their appearance and as gold diggers. The first thing they will do if they win the Lebanese lottery is to surgically enhance their breasts and indulge in jewelry. The stereotype of women as femme fatale is thus reinforced.


This ad was placated on Lebanese billboards in 2012 (IvySays, 2012). It represents the front of a blue car on the far right. The majority of the space is occupied by a naked woman, strategically holding a sign that hides her private parts and presents information about the car. The woman is completely naked apart from wearing heels. She is tall and extremely skinny. Her skin is white, her hair is long and dark and she has dark eyes. White skin, long hair and dark eyes represent the epitome of beauty according to Lebanese standards. The woman has absolutely no relevance to the car whatsoever. The stereotype of women as sexy kittens is thus reinforced.  Its purpose is solely to attract people’s attention. I believe this ad and the previous Loto ad abide by the oldest and cheapest trick in the book: sex sells.

al rifai ad

This Al Rifai ad appeared on billboards and on social media in 2013 (IvySays, 2013). The left image represents a nut in the shape of a brain, with the bright white caption “Because he’s got the brains.” The right image represents a nut in the shape of a curvy body with the bright white caption “Because she’s got the curves.” A caption in dark grey appears behind stating “Happy Valentine.” This ad indirectly reinforces the stereotype of women as sexy kitten. Like the nut, women have sexy curvy bodies but they are brainless.

kellogs ad

This ad appeared in 2011 on the side of a Kellogs Special K cereal box (Kherrberr, 2011). It presents a woman wearing a tiny red bikini and high heels, carrying a large white bag around her shoulders. She is confidently walking down a street, smiling. The woman is tall, extremely skinny, has fair skin, long dark hair and brown eyes. The ad suggests that by eating Kellogs Special K cereals, women will look like this and will be so confident they will actually walk down busy streets wearing nothing but bikinis. This ad reinforces Western ideals of beauty (tall and skinny) but with a local undertone (dark hair and eyes). The stereotype of women as sexy kitten is reinforced.

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