This post focuses on introducing the web 2.0 application I chose and what it can do.

The web 2.0 application I chose to present is Reddit. The word “Reddit” is formed by combining the words “read” and “edit”. Its slogan is: “Reddit: the front page of the Internet.”
First, I chose Reddit because of its relevancy to Web 2.0. One of the main features of Web 2.0 is user-generated content and Reddit is essentially defined by entries written by its users. Reddit is also an open source platform. All the code written for Reddit is freely available, so members can contribute new features and bug fixes to the site. In addition, it is a very popular website. Last month only, Reddit had more than 56 million visitors, from 178 countries, casting more than 14 million votes (Jenakalif, 2011). is thus a popular web 2.0 application characterized by an open-source platform and user-generated content.

reddit_logo, 2012.

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