Demonstration and How-To

This post focuses on demonstrating the different functions of reddit and how to use them.

Reddit is a news social network. It carries both a news component and a social component.

Users post entries about a multitude of topics. Entries are organized into different categories, referred to as subreddits. For instance, subreddits include world news or technology. More specific subreddits pertaining to particular topics are referred to as niche subreddits. Each broad subreddit category contains a collection of niche subreddit on the bottom right of the page.

Users can post two types of entries, text or link. A text entry consists of a text entirely written by a user with no external link. A link entry consists of a title provided by a Reddit user and a link to an external source. In order to post a text or a link, the user must click on the subreddit category he/she is interested in and then click on “submit a new link” or “submit a new text post” on the top right corner of the page. First time users are also encouraged to read the posting policy of Reddit on the right of each subreddit page. Each subreddit carries a different set of rules. For instance, the policy of the science subreddit requires users to post links to recent peer-reviewed scientific papers. These features lend Reddit a news aspect.

Members of Reddit can up vote or down vote submissions by clicking on the arrows at the left of each entry. Entries that appear at the top of each page are recent submissions that have the highest number of up votes. Moreover, members or Reddit can choose to submit a comment in response to a submission, or choose to comment directly to a previously posted comment. The comments themselves can also be up voted or down voted. These features lend Reddit a social aspect.

In order to use this news social network, one has to create a free account. The sign-up link is available on the right of the front page. Users can also purchase Reddit Gold for 3.99$ a month or 29.99$ a year by paying through a credit card. By acquiring Reddit Gold, users have access to new features such as disabling ads and filtering comments by subreddit (Spladug, 2013).

72 % of Reddit users are male, between 25 and 34 years of age with a college education. Members tend to use Reddit as a news aggregator or a personal bookmark for their favorite entries (Jenakalif, 2011).

In conclusion, Reddit is an application that carries features characteristic of both a news aggregator and a social network. Users can browse multitude of entries related to a wide variety of different subreddits. In addition, they can up-vote or down-vote posts and comments. The basic version of reddit is free. It is more popular among males.

This image features the posts that appeared on the fron page of reddit on June 2 2009 (, 2009).
Reddit 2

This is a video demonstrating the functionalities of reddit (PBS Off Book, 2012).


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