This post focuses on summarizing functions of this application and listing its advantages and disadvantages impact on society and future uses.

Reddit has many advantages. It covers a wide range of topics, creating opportunities to raise attention and generate discussion across many areas. Also, it provides people with specific interests the opportunity to discover news and innovative items related to their interests through niche subreddits. Finally, the subreddit “IamA” allows celebrities, politicians and other interesting people (such as astronomers currently orbiting the Earth) to directly interact with the public.

On the other hand, Reddit also suffers from some weakness. First, the multitude of different colors and fonts and the somewhat haphazard placement of information don’t encourage user-friendliness. In addition, the comment system fosters the opportunity for crowd psychology and homogeneous thinking (Jenkalif, 2013).

Reddit’s impact on society lies in its ability to generate large-scale projects in order to benefit others. In December 2010, members of the Christianity subreddit decided to hold a fundraiser. As a result, members of the atheism subreddit decided to give them some competition and organized their own fundraiser, helping the charity Medecins Sans Frontieres. The Islam subreddit also joined the competition, helping the charity Islamic Relief. As a result, 200 000$ were raised in less than a week (Levy, 2010)

In the future, one can safely hypothesize that the number of Reddit users will continue to grow, generating more discussions about increasingly diverse topics. Also, an increasing number of celebrities and politicians will join this news social platform, understanding the opportunities it provides in directly interacting with the public. Finally, Reddit will continue to positively impact society through fundraisers or other events.

In conclusion, Reddit is a web 2.0 application that carries features of both a news aggregator and a social platform. Its advantages are the wide range of topics covered and the ability to follow celebrities or unusual people. Its main disadvantage lies in its ability to easily foster homogeneous thinking. Reddit has a positive impact on society. Many NGOs have successfully used this platform to organize fundraisers. Reddit is an application that will continue to grow and positively impact society.

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